Alert! This is not your Starbucks Vanilla Bean Scones but with Sprinkles. Vanilla Bean scones are one of our most popular breakfast and tea time treats infused vanilla bean.  

Suggested Pairings: These scones pair well with our house-made whipped cream.

Fun Facts:

Vanilla comes from the pod of a tropical climbing orchid native to Mexico, and to this day some of the best vanilla beans in the world are produced in Papantla, Mexico.  

After their defeat by the Aztecs, they were forced to relinquish control of the exotic fruit. The Aztecs were, in turn, defeated by the Spanish, who returned home with the precious vanilla beans - which were for many years, enjoyed only by the nobility and the very rich. Eventually, the use of vanilla, while still quite expensive, became widespread throughout Europe. 

Vanilla Bean and Sprinkles

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